We love to serve and influence people by transforming spaces through painting, waterproofing, and stucco.

Welcome to JC PAINTING AND WATERPROOFING, a realm where trust and excellence form the bedrock of our culture. Beyond the ordinary realms of painting, stucco application, and waterproofing, we cultivate a legacy defined by unparalleled service driven by a culture that breathes trust and exudes excellence.

At JC Painting & Waterproofing, our team is not just a workforce; we are a family bound by a collective commitment to trust as the cornerstone of our relationships. We place our faith in the expertise of our artisans, empowering them to bring their best to every project. This culture of trust resonates through every brushstroke, stucco application, and layer of waterproofing, ensuring our clients can rely on us to deliver nothing less than perfection.

Excellence is not an aspiration; it is the standard we set for ourselves. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. We go beyond meeting expectations; our goal is to surpass them, leaving an indelible mark of quality that serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to perfection. Dive into our portfolio, and you’ll witness the trust we’ve earned with our clients and the journey of excellence that defines each project. Our culture is not merely a backdrop; it is the pulse of every endeavor, ensuring your vision is not just realized but exceeded with an unyielding commitment to trust and excellence.

What are our main services?


Our commercial services cater to businesses and organizations seeking reliable solutions for their interior and exterior paint, drywall and finish, waterproofing, and stucco needs.
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