About Us

our mission

To help people transform and protect any property through painting and waterproofing while providing them a high-quality team and a work that exceeds expectations.

our vision

Wherever there is a property to transform, Jc Painting and Waterproofing will be there.

Founded in 2015 by two Nicaraguan siblings, JC Painting & Waterproofing, was created with the dream of founding a company that would set apart from any other company in our industry. We did not only want to build a company that would be profitable, but also create opportunities for the individuals that would become part of our team. Starting with residential and commercial painting services, we have expanded to offer a variety of services such as waterproofing, stucco, drywall and finish, and continuously work on educating and training to be able to expand and provide other services. Today, we lead a company strong enough, with a team that takes pride in the work they do, who are skilled to provide the best service because they are part of our culture, believe in our mission and for JC excellence is non-negotiable.